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3 White Ancient Egyptian Inventions

3 White have been learning about Ancient Egyptians, and how their inventions have had an impact on life in Britain today.
Please use the chart to decipher what the children have written.


The Green table have put together a short video explaining about some of the inventions.

Which invention was the most important?

Which ingredients did the Ancient Egyptians use for their toothpaste?

How did the Ancient Egyptians write? 

3 thoughts on “3 White Ancient Egyptian Inventions

  1. The papyrus in the most important invention ever
    They used the egg and shells for the toothpaste
    They wrote the hieroglyphics which are drawings

  2. I think the papyrus paper was the most important invention.

    They used ash and egg shells as toothpaste.

    They wrote in hieroglyphics, which are drawings.

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