3 White- Art week

What a fabulous week we have had in 3 White! 

Children have developed their sketching and painting skills through a focus on two Australasian artists named ‘Tom Roberts’ and ‘Patricia Piccinini’.

What have you learnt about these two artists? Tell me two facts about each.

At the beginning of the week, children were challenged to sketch a piece by Piccinini independently. Later on in the week this was done again to see the progress made.

What skills did you develop to improve you sketching?

We looked at a range of painting skills in order for us to paint a landscape picture in the style of Tom Roberts.

What skills did we develop to help us to produce our best painting?

Children have been fantastic and I am so impressed with the progress that has been made this week. The children cannot wait to share their work with their parents later on this afternoon!

Well done 3 White!

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  1. Roberts was a Australian, famous painter he was born in 1856-1931.He mostly painted landscapes he didn’t do a lot in the city side, but he did more in the landscapes. Piccinini did lots of hybrids and lots of models of hybrids. She was born in 1965 and she is still alive and she is an Australian person who does hybrids and models.

  2. Piccinini:
    her mum died
    from liver cancer
    Piccinini makes hybrids (1 human and 1 animal combine together.)
    Piccinini makes sculptures
    She made a model of a person who is the only one to survive in a car crash
    When Canberra celebrated there 💯 th birthday,Piccinini was asked to make a hot air ballon
    He makes mainly landscapes
    He makes it with oil paint

  3. Piccinini is still alive but her mother died because she had a liver cancer.
    She created Graham who is the only person who would survive a dangerous car 🚙 crash.
    Robert mainly paints landscape.

  4. Patricia Piccinini likes to make models. She lives in Australia.Tom Roberts also lives in Australia.Tom Roberts made a painting and it took over 2 years.I improved my sketch work by pressing my pencil lighter. The painting skill I developed were colour mixing.

  5. Patricia Piccinini made a lot of hybrid in her work.
    She is really famous in art.
    She made Graham in a Australia.
    She is still making them.

    Tom Roberts was born in 1831.
    He was painting landscape pictures.
    He died in 1956.

  6. Patricia Piccnini
    1. She likes hybrids and sculptures.
    2. She created Graham that can survive a car crash and he isn’t real.

    Tom Roberts
    1. He made mainly ( only ) landscapes.
    2. He only uses oil paint.

    I improved my sketch by using water colours.
    The painting skill I developed were both artists and what they were interesting things they did I was interested as well.

  7. Patricia Piccinini facts
    1. She made her own hybrid and sculpture and made a hot air ballon for one hundred birthday to Canberra.
    2. When she was a teenager her mother died because her doner was cancer.

    Tom Roberts facts
    1. Tom Roberts mainly make landscapes with oil paint.
    2. He painted the first parliament and put the crown to remembered Queen Victoria.
    I improved my sketch by adding tone and shapes.
    The painting skill I developed were to press lightly or tickle the page.

  8. 1.Patricia made sculptures
    She made lots of hybrids.

    Robert made landscape.
    He used oil paints.

    2.i used tone.

    3.we pantide one of Roberts pa

  9. Piccinini is a famous artist and she loves making sculptures.
    She first was interested in history but she changed her mind for a artist.
    Once’s She got to make her own hot air balloon called the blue whale.

    Roberts was a good artist and he lived in Australia.
    He liked painting pot rates of his self and outher people.
    Ones he panted a picture for 2 years.

  10. Piccinini facts
    1.She is a big Australia attest she mixes animals and humans together for her art.
    2.She was interested in history but then she changed to art.

    Tom Robert facts
    1.In school kids learn art and they might learn about tom Robert because he is a famous painter.
    2.He was born in England but he moved to Australia.

    I improved my sketch by using different types of tone.
    The painting skill I delveloped were colour mixing.

  11. 1:Piccinini is 53 or 52. She is famous because she made Graham who could survive a car 🚙 crash.Tom died in 75. He made landscape pictures.
    2:I improved my sketch by tone.

  12. Picinini focused on hybrids and made a hot are balloon .
    Robert mainly landscape oil paints and British born.
    I improved my sketch by pressing my pencil lightly .
    The painting skill I developed were colour mixing.

  13. 1 Piccinini is an astrala arts and her mother had cancer and then she died but Piccinini didn’t died she is alive toaday.

    2 Roberts dose land scapes and dose amazing art work.

    3 I improved my sketch by useing tone .
    The painting skill I developed is useing thik and thin brushes.

  14. Piccinini she is still alive her mother is dead and she had cancer .

    Roberts mostly painted land skate he died 70 or 80 years ag
    I improved my sketch by taking my time
    The panting skills I developed were tickling my page and lisling

  15. Tom Roberts mainly does landscape painting. He was an Australian artist .
    Patricia Piccinini lives in Australian. She made a hot air balloon.
    I improved my sketch by pressing my pencil lightly. I can hold a pain brush proply.

  16. Piccinini
    Patricia Piccinini like making hybrids.
    Patricia Piccinini loves bellding sculptor .

    Tom Robert
    Tom Robert yoused oil paint .
    Tom Robert died when he was 75 year old.

    The painting skill I developed were sketching and painting. I improved my sketch by yousing tone.

  17. Piccinini is still alive her mother died because she had cancer.
    Robert was a verey famous artist 👩‍🎨 in Australia 🇦🇺 he died when he was 75 years old. Sketching.

  18. in art week we had a good day and enjoyed it because when were at the sirens pod we had to ckreeat a tree and some see and then we did the sand grass.

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