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3 White British Culture Week

This week in 3 White as well as doing some key revision we have been exploring British culture.

We looked at diversity and what it is, following this we went on a walk in our local area to look at how other cultures have added their influence.

We reflected on a time when diversity was not celebrated with the Windrush generation. We have thought about the positive changes that have happened over time.

3 White, what would you like to share about your learning this week?

Also to celebrate multicultural Britain year 3 will be putting together a creative piece, keep watching our blog to see more.


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  1. This week I found out what diversity means it means different races cultures and religion.we have preformed different dance from different cultures.

  2. My favourite thing we did was the walk, since we got fresh air and got to learn about really really interesting stuff, and when we came inside the classroom, we had to do posters and I really enjoyed the posters too since we got to do lots of drawings about London, and write facts.

  3. I loved this it was very cool and I got to explore the amazing cultural places That are very religious and different religions would pray they’re!,