3 White Egyptian Day

We had a wonderful Egyptian day in 3 White, see what we got up to.

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  1. Our favourite part of Egyptian day was getting mummified.Hussein The skill I used is sculpting to sculpt the head of the canopic jar. Maheen, The skill I have learnt is the skill of hieroglyphs to write my name. We enjoyed searching about Tutankhamun.

  2. I loved mummifying my friend, as it used less tissues to wrap Muhammad D up.
    Writing in hieroglyphics was really fun, even though making cartouches was so exiting.

  3. We really enjoyed Egyptian day was really fun and I enjoyed dressing up as Cleo patra.Myfavourite part was getting mummified with toilet roll I thought it was very fun and I enjoyed it!. Also exploring and learning artefacts about Tutankhamen was fun I loved making clay figures of canopic jars !.
    Muhammad D , Delilah .

  4. I really enjoyed dressing up and wrapping eachother up as mummy’s it was fun .
    Learning about Egyptians is really fun and interesting I like it alot

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