3 White- finding the perimeter

For our maths learning we went outside an found the perimeter of objects in the playground. What is perimeter? How can we find the perimeter?   We thought about the unit of measurement and the measuring tool that we needed to use. Which tool and unit would you use to measure the MUGA? Why? Which tool would you use to measure a book? Why? Answer these questions:  

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  1. Perimeter is the outside of a shape .
    The tool you would use is a trundle wheel because you can go around the whole MUGA but if you used rulers there would definitely be no rulers to fit the whole MUGA .
    For the book I would use a ruler because if I used a trundle wheel it would count meters but a book wouldn’t be meters.

    The farmer would need 36 m of fence for the farm .
    The perimeter of Oliver’s bedroom 15 cm
    Andy needs 76 m of ribbon to tie around the cake.
    Ellie will travel 230m around the field.

  2. A perimeter is the length around something
    I will measure the MUGA with a trundle wheel because there won’t be enough rulers and with a book it would be a ruler because a trundle wheel because it is big

  3. Perimeter is the length around an object to find the perimeter you we used a trundle wheel metre stick and a measuring tape.for the MUGA you is e a trundle wheel because it is sooo big.

  4. A perimeter is the length around an object,to find the perimeter we can use a trundle wheel,a meter stick or a ruler and to measure the MUGA we should use a trundle wheel because it’s endless. To measure a book I would use a ruler and because a book is about a few centre metres and a ruler measures in centre metres.

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