3 White G7

This week in 3 White we have learnt about the G7, with a special focus on Canada. We have learnt so much about the G7 and about Canada.

We held our mini G7 meeting where we discussed some key issues.

What new things did you discover this week?

What has been your favourite part?

12 thoughts on “3 White G7

  1. The new things we learned is that Russia was
    Kicked out in 2014 and Canada joined in 1976.
    The favourite part was that was then we did
    The G7 summit meeting.

  2. I learnt that Canada is part of the g7 which is group 7there are 7 countries in the group ,called , Canada , Japan, Germany, Italy, France,UK and the US.
    It used to be G 8 but Russia got kicked out the group because it was attacking Ukrainia.

    My favorite part was learning some interesting facts about Canada , like…

    1.Canada is the furthest away from the equataor of all the countries that’s why its so cold and snows alot

    2.Canadas most popular animals are moose , beavers, bison and raccoon.

    3.Maple syrup comes from Canada,
    The indigenous people seen a squirel drinking sap from the tree and then they tried it , they realised it tasted so good, and then when the British came they liked it and decided to work as a team with the people . They found out the syrup went mouldy so they put it in a bottle and now you can find maple syrup in 60 countries.

    4.Canada is one of the most educated countries more than half of the people in the country have a degree.

    5.Canada has alot mountains infact 24 percent of the country is covered in mountains .

    6. Canada has the longest coast line and tins of lakes .

    Also some facts I found out my self ,
    Canada coldest temperature was -62 c.
    And in their winter they get so much snow from October to November and gets as cold as ,-16 -40 ..
    If we compare it to Our weather here in England , we sometimes don’t get snow every year or just a few days and it melts, and the average temperature we get
    is 0 to 7 Celsius.

    7. Alot of people speak French in Canada.

    8.There are more than 3 billion lakes in Canada , more than half the world’s lakes are in Canada.

    9.Canadians love ice hockey .

    10.In Canada it is 7 hours behind our time . So when we wake up at 7am it is midnight in Canada they will be sleeping .And My bed time 8 pm is their lunch time 1pm .

  3. I discovered that Donald Trump was very rude that he came late to the G7 meeting and the G7 meeting is an important meeting also he came home early. My favourite part was making my own save the climate change poster.

  4. The new thing that I learnt was that it used to be G8 but in 2014 Russia was kicked out of the group because it was attacking Ukrainian. Now it’s G7.

    My favourite part was writing about Canada in a leaflet.

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