3 White Home Learning 19.07.21: Topic

Hello 3 White! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend at home. Throughout our Topic unit we have focused on the UK, in previous learning you carried out a SOLE project on famous landmarks in London. In today’s Topic lesson we will be making progress by focusing on one landmark and sketching it in detail.

You can choose one of the following famous landmarks in London to draw:

  • Westminister Abbey (https://kids.kiddle.co/Westminster_Abbey)
  • Tower of London (https://kids.kiddle.co/Tower_of_London)
  • Big Ben (https://kids.kiddle.co/Big_Ben)

Upload your work to the following SharePoint link: https://broadheathcoventrysch-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/chloe_holland_broadheath_coventry_sch_uk/Esl6ZwLBfIdAuCbvebiIQcIBjENWaKSEERK6LYYknFkvew

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