3 White Home Learning – Design a Zoo Challenge

Hello 3 White,

due to you not being able to go to the zoo we are trying to experience the zoo at home.

I would like you to get creative – I have set out some challenges for making your own zoo.

You choose one challenge and send a picture to the upload.

Challenge 1:

On the Dudley zoo website they challenge you to create your own zoo using a cereal box.

Key things you will need to think about:

Shape of the zoo

Shape of the enclosures and the angles

How big the enclosures need to be

Key Vocabulary: Parallel, Perpendicular, Rectangle, Square, Right Angle, Acute Angle, Obtuse Angle.

When you have made your 3D enclosure can you label and identify some of the shapes, lines and angles?


Challenge 2:

You will need to draw your zoo and look at the financial cost. You have been given a budget to make your zoo, there are certain things you need to include. You can spend less than the budget amount, but you may not spend a penny more! Remember we have learnt all about budgeting in out Friday afternoon HSBC Rugby Counts Sessions.

Key Vocabulary: meter, perimeter, pounds, pence, budget (remember perimeter is the measurement all the way around the edge of a shape)

Please send your work here:


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