3 White Home Learning – Last Day fun blog

Hi 3 White,

we have made it now to the end of the year and what a great year we have had.

If you were celebrating Eid yesterday you can complete some of the blogs from yesterday.

We have a zoom call at 11.30 please join us.

For your learning today can you record yourself sharing your favourite memories of year 3. Please upload them by 2.30 so we can share on the blog.

You can also write a fun spoonerism poem about 3 white and post in the comments below.

Look forward to seeing you on Zoom.



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  1. Being in 3 white was so exalant
    I loved making arts and crafts
    I will miss,miss redhed ,miss robuts and miss holand
    I have alays wanted to know my new techers
    I will miss 3 white and all the techers
    from Noor.

  2. Since it will be the last day I will share my story.
    When I started to move into year 3 I was.very shy to tell who I am and my name
    I really try my best I make it through pretty much lessons
    I loved learning with you….
    I wanted to still learn on the weekend’s
    I was bad at spellings but I did try my best.
    I really loved learning from past that kids where never born to about interesting things!
    I loved learning and I started to love reading and swimming!
    I loved leaning with my teachers…….
    But soon it has to come to an end
    You need to learn diffrent.
    Learning is most important.
    But I have to move into year 4
    I really want to go to the trip
    But it.will never have a chance
    My heart feels like it’s crying………
    I do not want to leave!
    Well that is now it went on for me I love everything of what a do but soon it has come to 11th end.. I really hope we get to see again next time soon
    I fell like crying now..

  3. Since the beginning of year 3 I was very shy.
    But through the year I always had someone to tell them why.
    Rice cream was the best along with tweeties.
    And all my friends were always friendly.
    I will miss you all.
    This is from Zahra.

  4. Being a teamate in the white is amazing.
    Learning in 3 white has been a pleasure.
    Making posters and being creative is fun.
    Year 3 is fantstic.
    I’ll miss 3 white all my life!

  5. Being in 3 white was really fun
    Playing together while joking and laughing
    In year 3 I have learnt a lot
    I loved 3 white
    I will miss everyone especially ; mrs Redhead, mrs Roberts and mrs Holland
    thank you 3 white

  6. Being in 3 white was so much fun
    Remembering memories
    Playing games with laughter and jokes
    Eating ce iream was a delicious treat to eat.
    Through the year I have learnt a lot.
    I have enjoyed 3 white.
    I will miss 3 white very much.
    Thank you