3 White Home Learning PSHE 19.7.21

Dear 3 White,

I am writing to you today as it is your last few days as 3 White. We only have 3 days left to Make Magic together, even though we can not be together, we can still be awesome.

This past year has been amazing and Miss Roberts and I have loved watching you grow and blossom into the most amazing children you are today. You have come a long way since September – you know write the date and title with out complaining!

As your teacher, I am so very proud of the progress each and everyone of you have made this year. The progress with your learning has made me feel proud, I know we have had our barriers this year but you have all broken them down like giants! You have all matured into wonderful young people with the best senses of humour – Mr Mashford is so lucky to have you next year.

This leaves me to bid you a farewell and to tell you to keep shining brightly next year. I will still be watching, especially your times tables, so keep practising.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Redhead.

Your challenge for PSHE is to write me a letter to tell me everything you are proud of. Tell me all of your achievements in year 3. Remember to focus only on the positives and carry these forward to next year. We did a lot of letter writing in English not so long ago. Please post your letters in the comments.


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  1. Dear Miss Redhead,
    In year 3 I am proud of getting new achievements like a pen license and I am proud of when I make you happy with my piece of work
    In English I have learnt about inverted commas, punctuation, formal and informal letters and lastly writing letters.
    In Maths I have learnt about fractions, decimals, formal written methods and time.
    In science I have learnt about plants, forces and light.
    In Topic I have learnt about Italy, climate, changes and UK.

  2. Dear Miss Redhead
    I am proud of everything that I have learnt this year.
    In my English, I have learnt inverted commas, expanded noun phrases and lots of punctuation.
    In maths, I have learnt fractions, times tables and 2D and 3D shapes.
    In science, I have learnt forces, light and plants.
    In topic, I have learnt climates, the UK and made Italy leaflets.
    In art, I have done portraits , sketching and mixing colours.

  3. Dear Miss Redhead
    I am fearful for what I am learning
    I have improving with my handwriting
    For my learning it went very well
    Now I know about Italy
    I also know what a spoonerism is
    I am very proud of what I have done
    Also when I do swimming a flamingos i can breath under water!
    In p.e I train hard to run jump and how to throw
    I even now can do my formal written method!
    I am glad to learn
    I am very sad.to end for year 3. And move into year 4.
    I love learning with you
    I enjoyed learning
    Thank you for teaching us
    It means a lot to me
    By Zahraa Y.

  4. Dear Miss redhead,
    I am really proud of what I have achieved in maths ,English science and topic .Because of all the TTRS challenges you set I know all of my times tables.

  5. Dear Mrs Redhead
    I’m proud of my learning skills and I’m doing good work
    In English inverted commas,editing and improving but my handwriting is not to good.in maths I learned about 3d shapes, squared means and fractions.in art we did sketching portraits and landscapes.
    your sincerley karanbir bye have a good time

  6. Dear Mrs Redhead,
    I achieved good handwriting and good times table skils.
    In maths, I achieved to divide,do fractions and do time.
    In English, I achieved to write a fairytale,write a letter and write a story.
    In science, I achieved to stay healthy, I learnt about rocks and learnt about floating gardens.
    In topic, I achieved to learn about the stone age,I learnt about Italy and learnt about Egypt.
    In art, I achieved to sculpt a topic hat with clay.

  7. Dear Miss Redhead
    I am proud of everything I have learnt this year.
    In English, I have learnt Editing and improving , commas and letters.
    In Maths, I have learnt shapes , Times Tables and fraction .
    In science, I have learnt forces and lighting plants and touching the light
    In Topic, I have learnt climates in the UK .
    I hope I get more improvements in year 4.
    Your sincerely

  8. Dear,Miss red head ,Mrs Roberts and miss Holland.
    I have learnt a lot of things this year and have amazing teachers and las .
    Time table
    You teach me the time table so much .





    And I have learnt it and I tried my best to beat the other class
    I have learnt about volcanoes that are active and about pompi.

    I have learnt about the ancient Egyptians stig Bronze Age and fore’s.

    I’m soo sad I have to leave you.
    I use to be so scared because a lot of people splash and dump my head underwater and it hurts my nose and eyes.And people splash when I tried to swim

  9. Dear miss redhead i am really proud of everything I have achived this year in English, Maths and lots of other things.
    I have learnt in maths times tables , angles and fractions.
    In english I have learnt grammer, commas and aliteration.

  10. Dear Miss Redhead
    I am proud of everything that I have learnt this year.
    In my English, I have learnt inverted commas, adverbials, expanded noun phrases and letters.
    In maths, I have learnt fractions, times tables and shapes.
    In science, I have learnt forces, light and plants.
    In topic, I have learnt climates, the UK and changes.
    In art, I have learnt portraits, sketching and landscapes.

  11. The things I achieved was to now my 8 time tables and to now my 11 times table and to now praminiter and to now the time on a anti clock and a digital clock and to now perpidicular.
    The things I achieved in English is to now coordinate conjunction and to now subordinate conjunction .
    In topic I achieved to learn that Italy had the colousem and the tower of Pisa like England 🇬🇧 but england has big ben and the London eye 👁 but the similarity is that colousem and big ben are big clock towers .

    • Well done Najma, it sounds like you have learnt lots this year. What features of a letter have you forgotten here? How do you start and finish a letter?