3 White Iron age weapons homework

We are super impressed with the effort children have put in to completing their WOW homework. 

The challenge was to research iron age weapons and create their own. Look at all these wonderful creations!

Which weapon did you choose to create?
What was the earliest weapon/ tool that early settlers used?
Why did they need weapons?

Well done 3 White! Let’s continue to make each day a MASTERPIECE!

4 thoughts on “3 White Iron age weapons homework

  1. I chose a axe,sphere and a sword.
    The first weapon was there hand because if they didn’t have hands they wouldn’t be able to hold things.
    So they can attack animals.
    Well done to everyone who made a Iron Age weapon.

  2. I didn’t make a Stone Age weapon. They used their hand. To hunt their food because if they used their hands the animals could eat their hands.
    Well done everyone who made a Stone Age weapon.

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