3 White- Life during the Stone Age

We have been learning about how people lived during the Stone age.

3White took the challenge to build a Stone age hut on the school field. We used branches and wooden sticks and fabric (as our animal hide).

CHALLENGE: Explain how clothing and housing was different during the Stone age and suggest reasons for this.

6 thoughts on “3 White- Life during the Stone Age

  1. IN stone age they use grass for shose and they use anmail scin and they catch allway for eating and in summer they lived in little huts and in winter they lived in caves

  2. during the stone age they use grass for their shoes,for their clothes they use grass and strings to decorate them they out teeth and bones of died animals. they also use the skin of animals and stick and rocks to build houses. the reasons for that is because they didn’t had bricks or clothes.

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