3 White Limerick Performances

This week in 3 White we have been looking at limerick poems.

These poems have 5 lines. Line 1, 2 and 5 rhyme and have between 8-10 syllables.

Lines 3 and 4 rhyme and have 5/6 syllablesm

They are usually a light hearted poem about a person.


Can you write a limerick about yourself?


Three White have a teacher called Miss Redhead,

on the day she first met them she said:

“Redhead’s my name,

Teaching is my game,

On the right path together we will tread.”

3 thoughts on “3 White Limerick Performances

  1. Delilah is my name but they call me Dee

    If you hear singing that will probably be me

    I want to beable to fly

    Bounce on the clouds so high

    Il be flying just like a bee

  2. My brother is kind and clever.
    He is like my beautiful mother.
    My sister is called fariha.
    Little sister is called nabiha.
    My brother click the lever.

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