3 White Maths Home Learning 14th July 2021

Good Morning 3 White,

Today we are looking at adding and subtracting capacity.

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Before you start today’s learning on LBQ I have some questions to get you thinking:

What is capacity?

What do we measure capacity in?

How many ml are there in a litre?

Now you have had a think about this please complete the learning activity on LBQ before 4pm.

64 thoughts on “3 White Maths Home Learning 14th July 2021

  1. 1) Capacity is how much of something an object can hold.

    2) We measure capacity in milliliters or litres.

    3) There is 1000ml in a litre.
    I will do the LBQ now.

  2. 1 Capacity is the amount something can hold. We can use capacity to
    describe when something is full, half full, and empty.
    2 we measure in mini liters and liters
    3 1 liter = 1000 milliliters.

  3. Capacity is how much the jug can hold .
    We measure capacity in peters or Miller lilter.
    I don’t remember how much ml is but l remember how much is in one litre it is 1000.

  4. Capacity is the maximum amount an object can hold.
    You can measure capacity in a Container, Jug or a bowl.
    There are 1000ML in 1L
    I am doing the LBQ now

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