3 White- Moving monsters

This half term Year 3 have been learning about how to make things move using air pressure. We researched items that used air pressure to help them move to help give us a better understanding.

We worked in teams to create a pneumatic system. What is a pneumatic system? What did we use to make it?

In week 3, the children planned out their monster design including their pneumatic system. They linked their designs to our literacy unit of myths.

Then the real fun began! The children followed their plans to build their ‘Moving monsters’

Look at our video to see them move!

Finally we evaluated our product. What was good about your monster? What could you do to improve it?

Well done 3 White!

21 thoughts on “3 White- Moving monsters

  1. I like the moving moster because it was nice 👍 and they moved and we decorate the moving moster and we made the moving moster out of papa.

  2. 1. The pneumatic system works by air pressure. A pneumatic system is when air pressure is pushed into another place by air.
    2. Things that were good about my monster: the pupal of the eyes, the large wide moveable mouth, the messy orange snaky hair and the blue cosy fur.
    3. I could improve my monster by adding more detail to it next time, for example adding eyelashes to it and a chunky long nose.

  3. What was good about your monster? What could you do to improve it?
    The good thing about my monster was that it looked scary,it worked properly and it had 3 eyes to make it look scary.
    The thing I could do to Improve it was to adding tissue paper to make it look kind of like a monster.

  4. I realy liked the moving monster listen because we got to creat and disigne moving monster. I enjoyed it very much because we even had to drowed it.

  5. 1. The thing about my monster is it looks good and scary also it moved much.
    2. I could improve my monster by using my paintings skills and layering skills.

  6. 1. The good thing about my monster was it could move,it looked real and it looked scary.
    2.I could do to improve my monster is make it look a bit more real and a bit scary.

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