3 White- PSHE Changes

To help the Year 2 children to prepare for Year 3, 3 White have prepared and shared a presentation in teams all about Year 3. They have reflected upon their year and have mentioned any changes that happen when the Year 2 children enter Year 3.

It was lovely that the Year 3 children were able to share their presentation with 2 White.

2 White-Do you have any more questions about Year 3?

3 White- What have been the highlights of Year 3? What advice would you offer the Year 2 children?

24 thoughts on “3 White- PSHE Changes

  1. kiyan
    I like Roman day and world book day
    My advice for year 3 have best handwriting for a pen
    good behaviour so you don’t go in behaviour book

  2. Hasan
    1. The highlight of year 3 is you can be broad heath weekly person . You can also get better at your times table . You can have world book day ,Roman day and Egyptian day . You get to learn about Merry Berry in entrepreneur week . Merry berry was a famous chef . You get to go to a lovely concert and all sorts of trips .
    2. Important advice is that you have Mfl is on a Friday afternoon but you get a golden time . You can afford a pen but you need lovely handwriting. You get to jump in the swimming pool and you don’t need your armbands . In pe you get to do lots of fun sports and games like doggeball , basket , rounders , beat the ball all sorts of sports. You can afford activities outside

  3. Roman day, Egyptian day,crazy hair day,golden time these are the things I have enjoyed.
    In yaer 3 if you have beautiful handwriting, you will gain your pen licence.

  4. The highlights of year 3 are roman day and egyption day also around the world because we learned about argentina and Messi and my highlights are a certificate broad heath weekly and my spellings because i get ten out of ten nearly every week .

    The advice I would give to year 2 is always be quiet when going up the stairs from lunch and break always listen to the teachers follow the same rules bring your pe and swimming kit on Monday.

  5. Inaaya and Tahseen

    The hillightts of year 3:
    Roman day,
    Egyptian day,
    World 🌎 book 📖 📚 day,
    Tamworth castle,
    Crazy 😜 hair day,
    Science 🔬 week,
    Entrepreneur week,
    Health week,
    Broad Heath weekly,
    Citizens of the week and

    Best advice for new year 3 class:
    Lovely handwriting for a pen,
    Try your best and never give up,
    Follow the school rules,
    Walk on the stairs on the left hand side quietly,
    Homework due till Wednesday,
    Do blogs\challanges on time.

  6. So the advice is
    .be kind
    .follow the schools rules
    .be respectful
    . don’t let your self down
    .always tell the truth
    .get your work completed and (have good work)
    .don’t lie
    .do not get told off
    .don’t go to toilets in lesson time
    .nice (beautiful) handwriting
    .help people
    .listen what the teacher is explaining
    do never give up

    If you want to earn golden time you need to have a good effort of having it.You can do anything in golden time but I’m afraid that you have to get ideas quickly like for example(doge ball,basket ball,foot ball,talent show,watch a movie and play on the adventure playground.)

    adventure playground time
    Year 3 play on the adventure playground on Tue-fri.On Tuesday year 3 play on it in play times and at lunch times.On Wednesday we play on the adventure playground only on lunch times. on Thursdays we play it on breaktime only.And last but not least Friday we play on lunch times

    From Rifath year 3 white

  7. This was a fun task, Bogdan was scared to go up on the stage and than he just went on it. I liked Roman day and crazy hair day because we got to do fun tasks, like eating Roman food and we raised money for people and children.On crazy we went to the cinema to watch rock dog.

  8. Highlights are roman day,egyptian day,pen licence,around the week and book day.

    Advice is walk up the stairs nicely,hands up,good handwriting don’t shout out ,listen to teachers and make the teachers proud.

  9. Ryan and Adela
    The highlights for year three are…
    Get lots of certificates.
    Win the broad heath weekly.
    Earn a pen licence .
    Have fun on roman day.
    Don’t forget to dress up on world book day.
    Mess up your hair on crazy hair day.
    You get to dress up as an aincient Egyptian day.
    You get to go to Tanworth castle and Conkers.
    Entrepreneur week you get to learn about Merry Berry the chef.
    This is advice for year three?
    You need to have lovely handwriting.
    Try your best and never give up.
    Follow the school rules.
    Walk up the stairs on the left,quietly.
    Homework needs to be in by Wednesday.
    Complete all of the blogs.
    Complete the maths and reading challenge.
    Practise your maths and reading challenge.

  10. Marcel and Yibo
    We think that the highlights of Year 3 are:
    Roman day
    Egyptian day
    World book day
    Pen license
    Entrepreneur day
    Crazy hair day
    Be nice to earn golden time

    Our advice for the new Year 3 children is
    Lovely handwriting
    Try your best and never give up
    Follow school rules
    Always listen to your teacher
    Always walk up the stairs on the left side
    Homework due in on Wednesday
    Time tables

  11. In year 3 we need to
    2. we have longer playtime then year 2
    3. skills acedemy is the same but we have golden time on friday afternoon on 2.30 when skills academy is finished.

  12. The highlights in year 3 is Roman day , Egyptian day , Conkers , Entrepreneur week , Crazy hair day , World book day and Golden time!
    Be good never give up try your best home work due on Wednesday and follow school rules.

  13. luqman cara

    The year 3 the teachers are kind and they do fun activities.

    Walking up and down the stairs quietly is very important because if some one gets hurt the teachers can come and see what happened and see if they need to go first aid.

  14. The highlights of year 3 are,
    Roman day
    Egyptian day
    World book day
    Crazy hair day

    Advice for year 3
    Always listen to teachers
    Follow the same rules
    Never give up
    Homework due in on Wednesday
    Lovely handwriting for a pen

  15. I liked year 2 because we talked together
    I’m going to hiylight the teacher 👩‍🏫 because they are helpful
    I like the teachers because they are nice and kindfull
    And I like year 3 beacuse the teachers pick really fun things like activities
    And the teachers don’t even shout the are niceness but sometimes they shout
    They are really really lovely

  16. Aidan and Farhan
    We think that the highlights in year 3 are Roman day,ancient Egyptian day,conkers, certificate,pen licence, world book day,crazy hair day and entrepreneur week.
    Our advice for the new year 3 children is try your best,walk up the stairs on the left side,follow school rules,lovely handwriting,kind hand and kind feet.

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