3 White – Reading a map and symbols.

Today we looked at the symbols used in a OS Map key and explored our own Broad Heath map.

We first created a map of the Hanford Playground as a class and then went onto the playground to create our own map with a key.

Why are symbols used on a map key? What type of symbols are used on the OS Maps? How is your Broad Heath map different?

8 thoughts on “3 White – Reading a map and symbols.

  1. 1. There are symbols because if you didn’t have one it won’t be easier to work out.
    Pol=Police station
    Po=Post office
    Fs=Fire station

    There were no physical features

  2. The symbols are these so we can understand it more easier.
    A few symbols …….

    My broad health map is different becuase……
    . We have a bit more room for area
    .there no physical features
    .there area is quite small

  3. There are symbols so that we can understand easier then just drawing a map that people don’t understand.
    Some types of symbols are:
    Po=Post Office
    FS=Fire Station
    PS=Police Station

    My broad Heath map is different because:it has a key when an OS map doesn’t have one.
    It is different to an OS map because has pictures and OS maps don’t.

  4. We have symbols because if we had a FS (firestation)they would of not knew what it was.
    There is…..
    FS and many more
    MySpace broadheath map is different because it was made on the ground
    We couldn’t see it that much
    It could of got smudged

  5. The symbols are there so we can understand it more easier .
    A few symbols are………

    My broad heath map is different because……
    *we have a bit more room for areas
    *there is no physical features
    * The area is quite small

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