3 White- STEAM Skipping ropes

3 White have been challenges to create a skipping rope in teams, using only plastic bags and sellotape.

We researched skipping ropes using the internet. What did you find out?

We tested different skipping ropes outside on the playground- Which material was best? Why?

After that we designed and created our skipping ropes in teams.

We got to test our skipping ropes and made any improvements. How could you improve your skipping rope?

Finally we presented our work to the rest of the class.

Please watch our video!


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  1. When we researched about skipping ropes we found out that leather is the strongest material .
    The best skipping rope material was plastic because it was easy to swing ,and it wasn’t thick it was thin.
    We could improve my groups skipping rope by putting stronger handles on or putting more tape on the handles.

  2. We research skipping ropes in the Internet .What did we find out?
    We found out that:
    .If you make it smaller or bigger you will trip over it
    .If it was so small you wouldn’t skip over it
    .If it was wide and long it will be hard to skip with
    .If you made a skipping rope and it broke it won’t be a normal skipping rope

    We tested different skipping ropes outside on the playground .Witch material was the best
    The best material was :

    From Rifath and Harley

  3. That a skipping rope should be strong so that when you skip the skipping rope does not break.
    Plastic because it was strong and thin.
    By making the handle more stronger and better.
    By Ruby and Tahseen

  4. 1. skiping ropes should be 2 metres and 50cm and it should be hard so it doesn’t hardly break . It should be thin so you can skip with it .
    2. Plastic is the best material because plastic is a good type of material to skip
    With .
    3. we can improve by tying it up and selitaping it so it is stronger and thinner .
    Hasanand Aaron

  5. I loved the steam challenge.
    We got to make our own model of a skipping rope,out of plastic bags.
    We made our own deisigh.
    We made a poster about our skipping rope.
    We used :
    .20,plastic bags.
    .Sello-tape .
    .Braiding skills.
    We worked well as a team to accomplish what is good.
    We used bags and sello-tape to make are skipping rope.
    We worked hard as a group to make skipping rope.
    We maked longer and shorter.

    Bogdan and Ryan

  6. That fabric was strong and great I could do a lot of skips with them and it does not fly away. Fabric was the best because it was strong like we said in the first sentence. The first time my skipping rope broke anis says that his skipping rope could be thinner.
    We watched the video it was great!

    By Anis & Aboubakar!

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