3 White- World book day!

What a fantastic day! All of the children made a great effort and wore such creative costumes!

For today, we focused on the book called Flotsam. We retold the story thinking about fluency and created a stop motion animation to accompany this. We draw and build our own 3D nets to make treasure chests and write a conversation using inverted commas. Finally we inferred how different characters were feeling and create still images and had a debate about whether the boy should have dropped the camera into the ocean.

Watch our stop motion animations!

Challenge: The story flotsam is a picture book with no words. Can you write part of the story in your own words including descriptive language and dialogue?

Please watch our video! Well done everyone!

13 thoughts on “3 White- World book day!

  1. I love world book πŸ“š day because it was so fun and every body had so much fun .we all dressed up as a character my teachers dressed up too.

  2. It was amazing πŸ˜‰ and it was fun I hope it come next year because it was fantastic I hope it comes again and it was very lovely 😊

  3. wow that was amazing i loved world book day beacause all of us dressed up it was amazing i loved every body’s costume i was amazed when i sore everybody’s oufits.

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