3 White’s Maths Challenges for Miss Redhead

Today Miss Redhead set the children of 3 White to challenge her in maths.

I am answering the challenges as they come in. If you would like Miss Redhead to take on one of your challenges please submit them by 2pm Friday 16th July. Keep watching this page as it will be added to!

Thankyou to the two challenges that were sent before 2pm! Well done Sameeha and Miski!

Thankyou Miski for my first challenge of the day. If Sarah gave Jade and Jessica a drink which holds 250ml, she would have given away a total of 500ml because 250 + 250 = 500. I know the answer is 500 because 1l – 1000ml. 1000-500 is 500. If Sarah gave away 3 cups instead of 2 she would have poured away 750ml meaning she would have 250ml left. (1000 – 750 = 250).
Thankyou Sameeha, what a challenge. I got the answer £785.50. I have posted a picture of my working out for you to see!
Image preview
Miss Redhead’s calculation for Sameeha’s challenge


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