3 White’s Roman bath experience

On Monday, Year 3 were learning what the Roman baths were like. To do this children role-played the different parts of the Roman bath as best we could.

Before bathing , the Romans would exercise in the Palaestra. They did things such as running, mild weight lifting and wrestling. Year 3 exercised at our own Palaestra.

The Romans then entered the steam room. Children used this time to read about the Roman baths and answer comprehension questions. Can you answer any of them?

*Why did the Roman people go to the baths, other than to bathe?

*Do you think the Romans wer clean and healthy? Explain why.

*What was the pool heating system called and how did it work?

In the frigidarium was a cold pool. Year 3 dipped their feet in icy water. How did this feel? Why do you think the Romans did this?

The massage room was next! Children sensibly massaged each others shoulders. Some children were nominated slaves who served grapes and wine (Ribeana).

Finally Romans would visit the wash room. Children washed one hand with soap and water, then the other with olive oil like the Romans. Which do you think is better for our skin? Why?

Did you enjoy this experience Year 3? Why?

Which aspect of the Roman bath was your favourite and why?

What have you learnt?

5 thoughts on “3 White’s Roman bath experience

  1. I really enjoyed it and Aleena was my slave .
    We had grapes and juice.
    That was fun when we putted our legs in the cold water.
    That was fun.

  2. Do you think the Romans were clean and healthy? Explain why
    I think the the Romans were clean and healthy because they used wash them self and eat healthy foods.
    The pool system was called the steam room it worked and it made the people sweat.

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