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3 White’s Roman day!

What a fantastic day we have had in 3 White! We have been so impressed at the effort everybody put into dressing up as a Roman so well done!

Today we have been extremely busy making mosaics, researching the Romans, solving problems with Roman numerals, performing in a gladiator fight, tasting Roman foods and empathising with Roman soldiers through role play.

Please watch our video!

What have you learnt 3 White?

Write 3 addition and subtraction calculations using Roman numerals.

Example: 21+5=26  so XXI +V=XXVI

Use this guide to help you:

Think about our Roman soldier tasks today. Would you have liked to be a Roman soldier? Explain why.

32 thoughts on “3 White’s Roman day!

  1. L+L=c 50+50=100
    C+C=CC 100+100=200
    IX-V=IV 9-5=4

    I have learned that if the smaller number comes first you subtract but if you put the bigger number in front you add.

    I would not like to be a Roman soldier because you’ll have to fight and if you do not be a soldier don’t have to fight.

  2. When it was roman day we had lots of fun we had a sword fight against every one we had lots of fun i wan to have Roman day again we’re so LUKY that we had roman day we al enjoyed it 90 children had fun

  3. III+III= 6 V+III=8 M+M+M+M+M=5,000 Addition
    M-L=950 D-L=450 IV-I=5

    I would not because you would have to do running , wrestling and swimming in your armour so I wouldn’t.

  4. 1: CXXI + XXV = CXXXXVI 121 + 25 = 146
    2: XXXX + LXV =LXXXXXV 40 + 65 = 105
    3. LXV + III= LXVIII 65 + 3 = 68

    I would like to be a soldier because they keep fit and work very hard .

  5. I have learnt that if you put the smallest number first you have to take and if you put the biggest number first you add.
    I would not like to be a Roman soldier because the have to swim in their armour and their armour is made of metal overlapping strips.
    By Vinay

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