Extract; The Magic Doll

When Wasis reached the village, the people greeted him. “Our chief is out hunting, but come to his tepee,” they said. In the tepee sat the chief’s beautiful young daughter, Seboosis. She gave Wasis food and water, and talked to him while he ate. When the chief came back from his hunt, he welcomed Wasis, but he wasn’t pleased to see how friendly Seboosis was being to the stranger. He could see that Wasis had fallen in love with his daughter, but he wanted Seboosis to marry a young man from their village tribe.

Wasis stayed in the village, hunting with the young men, and talking to Seboosis whenever he could. One day, he asked the chief, “Please may I marry your daughter? I love her, and I think she loves me.” The chief frowned, and thought for a moment. Then he said, “You many marry Seboosis if you move that mountain over there. It’s in the way of my hunting path” He smiled, quite sure that he had set Wasis an impossible task.

That night, Wasis crept out of his tepee when everyone was asleep. He opened the box, and whispered to the little grass doll, “Move that mountain for me.” Then he went back to bed, and to sleep.

In the morning, the chief stumbled out of his tepee, stretched and rubbed his eyes. Then he looked all around and gasped. The mountain had vanished. His hunting path ran straight through the trees. He scowled with anger. “There’s magic here,” he thought. “No one could move a mountain, without it.”

When the chief saw Wasis, he greeted him and pretended to be friendly. “Well done my boy,  he said, “but I’ve another task for you before you marry Seboosis. On the other side of the lake is a fierce tribe of warriors who are always making war. I want you to go across the lake, and fight them.” Wasis said nothing. He walked down to the lake, climbed aboard a canoe, and paddled away, watched by the whole village. Seboosis was there, trying to hide her tears.

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