3B English home learning – Monday 18th May

This week we are going to be writing a non- chronological report. This is a piece of non-fiction work that is not in date order.

We are going to use different subheadings each day to collect facts about Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.

Today you are going to use these photos to write a paragraph about Cleopatras appearance.

By using these pictures, can you describe Cleopatra’s appearance?

What does she look like? Her hair, her face, her head dress. What about what she wears?

Using full sentences and adjectives create your first paragraph about Cleopatra’s Appearance.

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  1. 1.No doubt of the legend of cleopatra’s beauty, she was a women👩 of surpassing beauty💄.She was a tall, elegant, smart women👩.She has a beautiful 💄oval large face👩Straight nose 👃🏽 and dark hair👧🏻 that ends on her shoulders. Her large eyes 👁were so wide, her lips 👄 was curved.

  2. No doubt of the legend of cleopatra’s beauty, she was a women of surpassing beauty. She was a tall, elegant, smart women. She has a beautiful oval large face, Straight nose and dark hair that ends on her shoulders. Her large eyes were so wide, her lips 👄 was curved.

  3. cleopatra
    Cleopatra VII philopator was the last active ruler of the ptolemaic kingdom of egypt.Nominally survived as Pharaoh by her son Caesarino.
    As a member of the ptolemaic dynasty.She was descendant of his founder
    ptomely I Soter ,a macedonian greek genaral and companian of alexander the great.

  4. cleopatra has short black beautiful hair that end on her shoulders.
    She has gold shiny jewelry on her neck head and hair.shes wearing a long pretty white dress that looks as fancy as a queen’s dress. cleopatra is bear foot and has nice toes. she has a long flat nose and a straight face and no smile. cleopatras eyes is the size of a black small button.

    • Well done Amanah. You have used some excellent describing words and simile to describe Cleopatra’s appearance.
      Please write one more sentence about her makeup using interesting describing words and conjunction.

    • Great work Amanah! Can you tell me about her height? Use 2 adjectives to describe.
      Remember names are proper nouns and need to begin with a capital letter.

  5. Cleopatra
    Cleopatra Was born in 69 BC and died in 30 BC, she was born Alexandria, Egypt. Cleopatra was a woman of surpassing beauty and her appearance was known as very seductive.
    Queen Cleopatra was of a very tall slender build and possessed a oval shaped face. She had dark black shoulder length hair which was normally braided and looked like like lots of baby snakes.She had narrow brown eyes which had the most beautiful colours painted on the eyelid on a daily basis. Her mouth was small and full of crystal white sparkling teeth, and her curved lips were beautiful and ruby red.
    Cleopatra was a very beautiful lady who use to think she was Aphrodite, especially during her youth when she was at her most striking, she always wore the finest garments and jewellery.

  6. Cleopatra’s appearance
    Cleopatra wore an elegant headdress which had rubies shaped like a diamond and a cobra with lapis sides. She also wore a long green gown with a lapis necklace. She also had green eyeshadow and red lipstick on her beautiful face. Cleopatra had black hair with shiny golden braids on the side and bottom that went down to her shoulders.

  7. Cleopatra was a ruler of Egypt. She was a very attractive and elegant ruler. Her face was oval and she was tall and thin. Cleopatra’s nose was pounted and long. She had thick, black, straight and shoulder length hair. Which she wore decorated with expensive jewellery. She had lips which were full and curved and in her late 30’s. She died at the age of 39.

  8. Cleopatras appearance
    I think from the pictures Cleopatra looked quite pretty and elegant. From the pictures, she looked tall and skinny. Her age looks to be more like a teenager.
    Her face description looks oval and wide with a small nose, which looks pointy and thin. I think her mouth looked cute with thin lips and big eyes. Her hair colour was black, shoulder-length and straight. She wore a crown, which was like a golden headband with a king cobra at the front.
    The clothes that she is wearing in the pictures looks like a long elegant dress, tight fitting sometimes flowing drapes. It also shows that she always had a necklace that was the same style.

  9. Cleopatra was a very elegant and beautiful ruler. She had an oval, thin face with hollow and bright coloured eyes. She had crooked lips and a pointed, straight nose. Cleopatra is tall and around her mid 30s. She has black straight hair and it is shoulder length. She is also tall and thin.

  10. Cleopatra was a beautiful, young slim woman who had an amazing elegant appearance. She had an athletic build, with a good height and was very attractive. She had big brown eyes and always had makeup on.
    Her hair was like Silk and was black in colour. When Cleopatra died she was 39 years old. Cleopatra wore a pretty long green dress which has golden beads and also shiny earrings.

  11. Apearence
    Cleopatra had hasel brown eyes and brown and black hair
    Her face was oval shaped and she was tall and slim
    She had a long nose and she always liked to wear make up

    • Well done Aleena. You have used some good describing words to describe Cleopatra.
      Please write one more sentence to describe her clothes.
      Please remember to use describing words and conjunctions in your sentences.

  12. Appearance
    Cleopatra was a beautiful young lady. She always looked elegant. She was slim with long dark hair. Cleopatra had a oval shaped face with a pointy nose. She had big brown eyes. Cleopatra liked to wear make up.

  13. Cleopatra was a ancient pharaoh who was the last ruler of Egypt 🇪🇬.
    She was a young woman 👩 who is about 20 to 30 years old.She was tall and slim. She had straight black shoulder length hair straight. Her face was oval shaped.She had a long pointed nose 👃. Her mouth was normal size with full lips 👄.She had big brown eyes 👀. The clothes she wore looked ancient and expensive.

  14. She has straight long black hair.
    She has pretty brown eyes.
    And she is a Teenger.
    Cleopatra appearance has Dark pech skin.
    She has a Dark green dress that is nice.
    Cleopatra appearance has lots of gold.

  15. English homework

    Cleopatra appearances

    Cleopatra was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic dust any, ruling Egypt from 51bc to 30bc. Cleopatra was a beautiful, attractive woman. She had big round eyes that stood out from her lovely face. Her face was oval shaped, her nose was short and pointy. She had shoulder length slick black hair. By looking at the photo she looks very young and probably in her early 20 or 30s.

    Cleopatra is dressed up in long beautiful dress, that has gold stitched into it. Cleopatra is wearing an traditional crown, that makes her look elegant and pretty. This image shows she an strong and powerful woman, that will not be bossed about or messed with.

  16. straight hair
    brown eyes
    Straight nose
    Black hair
    Big eyes
    Full lips
    Dark green dress
    Gold in her hair
    Dark pech skin
    Lots of gold
    Dark pink lipstick

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