3B. Entrepreneur Week. 05.06.20. Evaluating a Sandwich

Today, you will be evaluating the sandwich you made. Evaluate means to reflect on what went well and what could be improved. Use these questions to help you evaluate. When talking about the skills, think about cooking and food preparation skills, safety skills and anything other skills you have developed.

19 thoughts on “3B. Entrepreneur Week. 05.06.20. Evaluating a Sandwich

  1. I made a tuna sandwich with salad
    I have used a knife to cut the cucumber and lettuce
    Yes because it was delicous and
    I was hungry.
    Yes because tuna with lettuce are so delicous
    Adding tomatos and soft cheese
    Yes the onion it made my eyes watery

  2. Food evaluation
    I have made a cheese salad sandwich today.
    The skills I have used today when making my sandwich are learning to hold a knife correctly and learning to spread the butter.
    I have used my cutting skills when cutting the salad.
    Do you like the way it looks? Yes I do like the way it looks because it looks tasty, fresh and nice.
    Do you like the way it tastes? Yes I do like the way it tastes because it was healthy and I like what I put inside my sandwich.
    How could it be improved? It could be improved by adding more ingredients e.g lettuce
    Did you face any problems. How did you overcome them?
    Yes I did face a problem, I needed some help with cutting my sandwich and ask my mum to help me.

  3. I have made:Zaks tasty 😋 sandwich 🥪.
    The skill I have used:Cutting, Washing my hands 🖐 and washing ingredients.
    Do you like the way it looks?:Yes because it looks delicious 😋.
    Do you like the way it tastes? Yes I liked the way it tasted because the chicken was spicy 🌶, cucumber and lettuce were crunchy and the sauces made it tastier.
    How could it be improved?: It could be improved by having less filling because it kept falling out.
    Did you face any problems? Yes I did. I couldn’t spread the butter properly and made a hole 🕳 in the bread and slicing the cucumber 🥒 was hard too.

  4. Food Evaluation
    -I have made: Faizan Mix Special sandwich .
    -The skill l have used: Measurements of vegetables, cutting with adult , looking at there values, planning step by step stages, learning about hygiene clean surfaces.
    -Do you like the way it’s looks: Yes l like the way the sandwich looks , it looks yummy to eat and l have used “ Ingredients from Eatwell plate”, so it health to, taste is wonderful the flavours are not to over powering just right.
    -How can it be improved: l could improve it by adding more cheese but that’s to my taste, make it triple decker using three slices of bread.
    -Did you face any problems?: l did face one big problem cutting the sandwich, my mum helped me that , safety first.
    I really enjoyed this Entrepreneur Week.

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