⭐️3B Super Learners & Star Blogger⭐️- Week beginning 11.05.20

Well done 3 Blue, some great work being emailed over once again. We love seeing how hard you have been working and how creative you have been, keep them coming.

Remember, all work this week will be added to this blog.

The following children have all received 2 Dojo points for accessing the blog daily and completing all 3 of the learning blogs:

Umar, Zakariah D, Gufran, Zakariya K, Maryam, Azaan, Aleena, Aayan, Safa, Serina, Brooke, Aisha and Lillie.

The star blogger award goes to children who have not only completed all the learning blogs but have done so to a high standard. They will receive 5 Dojo points each.

This week’s star blogger is Faizan!

I also have 5 Dojo points for the most improved blogger. This child has made progress by ensuring that she in now going on the blogs daily!

This week’s most improved blogger is Jasmine!

Brooke’s amazing Maths:

Lillie’s Spanish family tree!

9 thoughts on “⭐️3B Super Learners & Star Blogger⭐️- Week beginning 11.05.20

  1. Hi Inaaya, how are you?
    I can see you have been very busy baking cake. It’s looking delicious.
    Hi Zakariyah, I am proud of you and your family for joining in your learning. What material did you use for mummification?
    Well done everyone.

    • Good morning our lovely 3 Blue children.
      Hope you are all well. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful work on the blogs today.
      Serina your family tree is really outstanding. Aayan and Safa your family tree is lovely too.
      Faizan I am so happy to see your super work and big smile.
      Proud of you all our 3 Blue children.

  2. Some amazing work done by 3 Blue children. So proud of you all and thank you for sharing your learning with all of us.
    Well done parents for supporting your children and sending lots of pictures of their learning. I am proud of you all!

    Zakariyah -D you are very lucky to have a grandma who is 100 years old! Sending lots of love to your grandma.

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