3B Super Learners- Week beginning 04.05.20

Hi 3 Blue,

This week all the super work and learning being sent in will be added here. I will update this page daily.

Well done to all the children who have sent work in, we love seeing it.

The following children have all received 2 Dojo points for accessing the blog daily and completing all 3 of the learning blogs:

Zahra, Zakariah, Gufran, Maryam, Faizan, Aayan, Safa, Lillie, Amanah, Aisha and Yahya.

This week we have 2 star bloggers. These children have not only completed all the learning blogs but have done so to a high standard. They will receive 5 Dojo points each.

Star bloggers are Azaan and Zakariya.

I also have 5 Dojo points for the most improved blogger. This child has made sure they have caught up with all learning blogs and are completing their work daily.

The most improved blogger is Brooke.

Zak K’s Diwali video!
Zakariah’s Marvellous Maths
Aayan has created an amazing leaflet about the River Nile!
Zakariya K’s super River Nile I-Movie
Lillie’s fantastic River Nile I-Movie
Yahya’s Science work
Serina’s great facts on the River Nile

22 thoughts on “3B Super Learners- Week beginning 04.05.20

    • Hi Naimol nice to hear from you. You can send your beautiful artwork so we can see it. Please make sure you go on your learning blogs.

  1. WOW 3B I am so impressed with your Egyptian work! I wish I could give you all treats for the amazing pyramid models and informative posters. In particular Aayan and Safa’s work is outstanding! :)

  2. Wow 3B, your work is magnificent! Azaan, your handwriting has improved so much – well done! I hope you are all keeping safe, 3B. I cannot wait to see you again 😁

    • Well done to everyone. You all make me feel very proud. You are all working hard and well done to all your parents who are supporting you all. So proud of you 3Blue.Keep up the good work. Keep gaining!

    • I am really proud of you Serina. I enjoyed your video about the importance of The River Nile. You are so confident and explained really well.
      Well done Serina and mum.

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