3J- Book week!

3J, we have had a fabulous book week! You settled down nicely in your new classroom with your new teachers. You were learning about the book ‘Adventures of Robin Hood’ by Rob Lloyd Jones.

Throughout the week we used many skills including inference, using a thesaurus, retrieval and drama. Please see our video below showing all the excited learning we did.


What activity did you enjoy most? What did you learn during book week?

5 thoughts on “3J- Book week!

  1. I love it and went Kerian put it in his mouth and i like it went kaiden and Tehab played it and i wach it and i wach erevyone and it was fun and i love it thatk Mrs Jones and Mrs King and Mrs Jackson. Thatk erevybody i love it alot even the game with Mrs king but Mrs Jackson came at the end i love i just coud’t wait and i ready love it
    From hanna khan.

  2. I loved the archery the best.It was fun.It was hard too.I liked the video.I liked the part when I was looking at kirern and when me and Elyass were singing.100% good.

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