3J’s visit to Conkers!

Today we visited Conkers! The children experienced a barefoot walk, orienteering and had lots of fun enjoying the outdoor environment. Everyone behaved brilliantly and you represented Broad Heath well!

Watch our video to see all the super thing we have been getting up to!

What have you gained from this visit?

What have you enjoyed the most? why?

Would you recommend this trip to next year’s Year 3 class? why?



37 thoughts on “3J’s visit to Conkers!

  1. I have gained by morning hard and I will go on a better trip.I have enjoyed the entanched forest playground because it was fun for me.Yes if they be good because if they don’t you can’t take them to another trip.

  2. I have enjoyed the playarea and the barefoot walk because it was so fun and on the playarea was sooooo fun because they had a zipwire curly slides and other fun things.

    I have gained in this visit of learning different habitats.
    I would recommend this for the other year 3 class because it is very enjoyable and I think they would like the playarea,ice cream and maybe the barefoot walk.

  3. 1. I have gained how to work as a team and in groups.
    2. I enjoyed the enchanted forest because it was very scary.
    3. Yes because they might get to do the bare foot walk.

  4. I have gained that sometimes educational things can also be fun! My favourite thing I have enjoyed at conkers were either the kids playground or the dark slides inside because I thought the dark slide was scary but I actually enjoyed it instead. I would recommend this trip for year 2 because it is sooooooooooooooo fun.

  5. I have gained that to always stay with your adult.I have enjoyed the barefoot walk and the enchanted forest because the barefoot walk was icky and sloppy but the water was soooooooooooooooooooooooo cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I think yes because they would really enjoy it and they have to behave.

  6. I’ve just watched your video clip you looked as though you had so much fun I laughted so much watching you all squelching through the mud. I went with my family on the last half term holiday. Conker is a fun packed day for all.

  7. My favourite part of conkers was when we was doing orienteering and the giant playground. I have gained a lot about orienteering and that means memorizing and finding clues. I think that our next trip can be a museum so we can learn from the past like dinosaurs.

  8. I certainly enjoyed watching this video. Thank you teachers, staff and parents who helped, it certainly looked an memorable experience!

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