3R English home learning – Friday 15th May

In information texts we have the contents page.

If I am reading a non-fiction book and I need some information I use the contents page so I don’t have to read the whole book to get the facts I need.

Now its your turn to write a contents page.


Silver and Gold (including the challenge)

I look forward to reading your contents pages about Broad Heath School.

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  1. Bronze
    Welcome to the school of Broad Heath Primary… page 2.
    About the school… page 5.
    School Uniform… page 7.
    Dining hall menu… page 9.
    Adventure playground… page 11.
    About the teachers… page 13.
    The Broad Heath Citizen rules… page 15.
    Information for parents… page 17.

  2. Welcome to our school page 2
    welcome to our lunch hall page 4
    Here is our playground page 6
    Here is our wonderful library page 8
    we have a awesome P.E hall page 7
    We have a beautiful swimming pool page 9

  3. Welcome to our school page 2
    Adventure playground page 4
    Classrooms page 6
    Dining room page 8
    P .E hall page 10
    Studio page 12
    Staff room page 14

  4. bronze
    welcome to our school……..page 2
    Head teacher……..page 5
    class teachers………page 7
    dinner ladies………. page 9
    library…………….page 11
    playground………………. page 15
    swimming …………………… page 17
    sports…………. page 19
    pupils……………… page 21
    Broad Heath Values………………….. page 23

  5. Bronze —-
    welcome to the school page 2
    British Values page 5
    Head Teacher page 7
    Teachers page 9
    Lsa teachers page 11
    Uniform page 13
    playground page 15
    Project weeks page 17
    Class blog 19

  6. Silver and gold

    Welcome to our school ……… page 2.
    Broad health values and rules ………. page 5.
    The uniform ……… page 7.
    The Staff ………. page 9.
    Year groups ……. page 11.
    Broad health curriculum ……. page 13.
    School facilities and activities ……. page 15.
    Information for parents and school contact …. 17.


    The book called: The science of bridges and tunnels- The art of engineering by Ian Graham.

    The most interesting heading is ” When the bridges go wrong”.

    The mistake might have been made in the bridge design or perhaps an error was made during construction. Build bridges very strong as the hurricane or thunderstorm might break the bridge if it is not strong enough. Sometimes the bridges are damaged by traffic accidents.

  7. Bronze
    welcome to the school page 2
    uniform page 5
    miss Frankish page 7
    playground page 9
    Teachers page 11
    Lsa teachers page 13
    Project weeks page 15
    Classroom page 17

  8. Silver and Gold


    1. Welcome to our school page2
    2. Our school staff page5
    3. Mrs Frankish page7
    4. Teachers page9
    5. Year groups page11
    6. Our school curriculum page 13
    7. Activities page 15
    8. School rules and uniform page 17


    This book is called “My first question and answer book”.
    The part which I am interested to is the “Planet Earth” and it is on page 38.This section is about: Where did the Earth come from; Why does the Earth spin; Why do we have day and night ; Why are there earthquakes and much more about the Earth.

  9. Bronze, Silver and Gold (including the challenge)
    Page 2: Welcome to our school.
    Page 5: Rules.
    Page 7: Values.
    Page 9: A entertaining day at school.
    Page 11: Classes
    Page 13: Uniform.
    Page 15: Activities.
    Page 17: School and Home contract.
    The book I chose was Mary, Queen of Scots.
    The heading I am most interested in is Guest Of Her English Majesty.
    The section was about Mary, Queen of Scots meeting her cousin Elizabeth I of England.

  10. Contents
    Welcome to Our School Page 2
    School Values and Rules Page 5
    Home /School Contract Page 7
    Uniform Page 9
    Staff and Year Groups Page 11
    Typical Day at School. Page 13
    Recreation and Activities Page 15
    Contact Information. Page 17

    The book I chose is called ‘Animals are Amazing – Owls’ and it is by Valerie Bodden.
    On the contents page the part that interests me is Owls and people and it is on page 20.
    This section tells me Owls can be hard to spot during the day because they are nocturnal. It tells me the way people can see Owls which incluse night watching, setting up nesting boxes and going to see them at farms and zoos.

  11. Welcome to our school the first class in our school is nursery next reception then year 1 next year 2 then year 3 then year 4 then year 5 then year 6

    • Please read the instructions super carefully. You need to write a contents page. I’ll show you an example.

      Introduction…..page 1
      Mrs Frankish ….page 2
      Project weeks….page 4
      Playground…….page 5
      Teachers………page 6

    • Good start , now think about how you would layout and page number. Look at a book at home find the content page it might be the 1st or 2nd page it will give you an idea of the layout.

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