3R English home learning – Monday 18th May

This week we are going to be writing a non- chronological report. This is a piece of non-fiction work that is not in date order.

We are going to use different subheadings each day to collect facts about Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.

Today you are going to use these photos to write a paragraph about Cleopatras appearance.

By using these pictures, can you describe Cleopatra’s appearance?

What does she look like? Her hair, her face, her head dress. What about what she wears?

Using full sentences and adjectives create your first paragraph about Cleopatra’s Appearance.

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  1. Cleoparta has so smooth, long and beautiful black hair with a very funny looking crown. Her light orange skin looks like a lion with there orange. Her pinky oval face looks at u mysterious lay as u pass by. Cleoparta age looks like she if a young, amazing full adult. Cleoparta has makeup on that looks like she’s is the royal queen. Her way how she stands is very thing and looks 2D. Her tall,long,grey and old stick is very precious. Her slim bobby looks like she is very hungry cause she haven’t ate. If u stare at her eyes she will hypintise you and u will soon always respect her.

  2. Cleopatra was born in 70 or 69 BC she was a Egyptian Queen,Famous in history and drama as the lover of Julius Caesar and later as the wife of Mark Antony she was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt.She was one of the best known women in history, famed for her supposed beauty and intellect.

  3. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra is a pharaoh who lived in Egypt. She is a woman. She has a necklace which has a green stone inside. She also has a golden earrings. Her nose is so large,It almost reaches her mouth. She has a crown that looks like a snake. Her hair is dark blue with some golden hair.
    Her elbow are huge like big stones. Her skin colour is peach and her dress is green.

  4. Appearance
    Cleopatra was in her middle age, she had a medium height and she was skinny. In general, she was not ugly and not beautiful. She wore lots of accessories, big earing, a big necklace, hair accessories and headdress. She had straight hair and beautiful hair extension. She also had a round face and she wore lots of makeup. Her nose was tall and thin. Cleopatra had big, round and bright eyes with lots of makeup around her eyes. She also had curved lips.

  5. Cleopatra her date of her birth 69 BC and she found traces was a old home she was a middle age person and was in egypt she is pharoh is leader of egypt witch is a her hench men had to build a pyrimad and more brick and lots more that has a pointy bit for the roof.

  6. Cleopatra
    Cleopatra was born in Egypt but she traced her family origins to Macedonian Greece and Ptolemy 1 Soter, one of Alexander the Great’s generals. H er face is perfectly oval shaped. She has black hair and has bright eyes. She is medium – height and she is middle – aged. She has full lips and her general appearance is smart. She also has a small nose.

  7. She wears earrings that are really long . She wears a green dress that is half sleeves . She wears lots of necklace the are gold . She wears lots of jewellery on her . She has gold things in her hair four of them .

  8. Cleopatra’s appearance

    Cleopatra was an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. She was an elegant,smart and polite lady in her mid 30s and she was skinny and had a height of average. She had dark, shoulder length and straight hair. Her face was oval and wore some colourful make up. Also she designed herself with fantastically golden jewels. Her nose was tall and eyes were big, dark and tear filled a wearing black and green make up . She had thin lips wearing dark pink lipstick.

    Her face
    Cleopatra has kind of an oval face. Her nose is very long which makes her look kind of funny. She has long lips wich colour is purple also she has brownish skin colour.
    What she wears
    She wears a necklace wich has colourful diamonds and gems. She also wears two symmetrical earings which has gold shapes

    Cleopatra was not an Egyptian.

  10. CLEOPATRA description.
    Cleopatra had been made up to look like the goddess Aphrodite. Her eyes colour was bright blue. Cleopatra was described as a ” woman of surpassing beauty”. She was charming and daring.

    CLEOPATRA was not Egyptian.
    Cleopatra was born in Egypt, but she was traced her family origins to Macedonian Grace and Ptolemy.

    Cleopatra married life :
    Cleopatra married Mark Antony and had three children . But their relationship also spawned a massive scandal in Rome.

    A film in 1963 about her was the most expensive movies of all time. The film budget eventually soared from $2million to $44million – including some $200,000 just to covered the cost of Taylor’s costumes. It was the expensive movie ever made at the time of its release. Cleopatra remains one of the priciest movies in the history even today.
    Cleopatra died by the suicide on August 12 , 30 B. C . Her husband Antony also took hid life by stabbing himself in the stomach.

    She has black shiny hair . She is wearing a gold snake crown . She has gold shiny earrings . She has this gold necklace.
    She has golden things on her hair . She also has a green dress . She has makeup .

  12. Cleaopatras appearance..
    Her face shape was oval. Her nose was flat and long, Cleopatra’s hair was black straight and to her shoulders.
    Sometimes she braided parts of her hair and embellished them with golden Jewellery such as beads. Headdresses were common among the Egyptians.
    She had stand out dark eyes an make up on. She had quite thin lips, Also her height was 5ft. She was a bit plumb in weight. And she died at the age of 39.


    Cleopatra’s appearance
    Cleopatra’s nose was too large. Her lips were thin and her chin was pointed. The skin colour of the legendary woman was dark. Besides, her body did wasn’t good-looking. With a height of 152 cm, she was overweight. Her hair was straight and black. It was not too long or too short. Cleopatra was medium size. She was about 5 feet tall. Cleopatra was in her late teenage years when she took the throne in Egypt. Her eyes were large and wide. She had nice – looking eyes. Her eyes were bright blue.

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