3R English home learning – Tuesday 12th May

Well done all, I have seen your answers from yesterday and you did very well.

Today, we are going back to http://www.lbq.org for today’s lesson too. Although it is to complete some grammar work.

Can you remember what a verb, an adverb, an adjective is? Go to this website and use this code to show me how great you are.

Year 3 are superstars!

41 thoughts on “3R English home learning – Tuesday 12th May

  1. I have done it.

    Some questions got skipped and I can not go over them again. I will write the answers on the blog.

    1. The two nouns are giraffe and leaves.
    2. The adverb is quickly.
    3. The verbs are: Think, march, has, be, is.
    15. Past tense: A and C.
    16. The present tense of jumped is jump.

  2. I have complete my task but some questions are blanks. I tried twice
    It was good practised for verb noun adjective compound sentences and many more. I remember all of them.

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