3R- Messages to Friends

Hi, 3 Red. I loved reading your postcards for English today but it seems like a lot of you are missing friends (and I know that Mrs Begum and I are missing you all too!). If you would like, you can use this blog to leave messages for your friends to see. Remember to check back regularly to see whether your friends have replied.

12 thoughts on “3R- Messages to Friends

  1. Hello my friends, I miss you so much. I hope you’re staying safe. What are you doing in your spare time? I am playing with my sister in the garden. Take care.

  2. I miss you guys so much and I wish I can come but I can not I miss you guys I really miss my best friend saee and my teachers and my friends

  3. Me and Miss Miller certainly miss you guys a lot . You guys keep us very happy every time by commenting on the blog. Thank you for emailing photos they are amazing ,it’s lovely for us and your friends to see you. Have a lovey long weekend be good and stay safe. 😍😀🤩

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