*3S’ Breathing Experiment*

So far this week, we have learnt about the function of our lungs, the different parts of our respiratory system including the trachea, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli, and the effects of smoking.

3S had a really fun day today learning to control their breathing using different techniques. We then carried out an experiment using a straw and ball to see if we could have total control of the breaths we take, focusing on breathing out.

Can you write a recount of our breathing experiment?

Can you describe what your breath felt like on the palm of your hand, and then inside your hand?

What did you think of the experiment?

Did you find it easy or hard to control your breathing to get the ball through the obstacle course? Why?

What advice can you give to someone who tries this experiment?

Super job 3S :)

Here’s a video of Abdelrahman’s experiment!


  1. 1. Our experiment was to control the pom pom and try to let it go in the direction you want it to go.
    2. My breath felt soft at the palm of my hand and it felt funny inside of my hand.
    3. I think the experiment was fun and challenging.
    4. I found it a bit hard because sometimes i blow it to hard when i am not supposed to blow it hard.
    5. I would say try hard you can do it just believe in your to someone who thinks it is hard.

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