3S- The Netherlands

During Around the world week, 3S learnt about The Netherlands.

We researched and compared Christmas time in The Netherlands and Britain. We sketched tulips and followed instructions to make paper flowers. We learnt how to say numbers and greetings in Dutch. We used atlases to locate The Netherlands and found the perimeter of countries on a map.


What have you learnt about The Netherlands?

What have you enjoyed about Around the world week?

3 thoughts on “3S- The Netherlands

  1. The Netherlands:

    I have learnt that Netherlands has another name called Holland. They speak Dutch, and are famous for the Tulips. The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam.

    My favourite part was counting in Dutch, I also liked drawing Tulips.

  2. I have learnt how to draw a tulip I have learnt the Dutch numbers and words in Dutch and some of the numbers are in German.I have enjoyed the dance in Dutch with miss Scott.

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