3S’ Trip to Conkers!

What an absolutely fantastic day Year 3, I know you have had lots of fun, and learnt lots of new things too! You should all feel very proud of yourselves.

Watch the video of our trip to Conkers, and have a go at creating a recount of the day.

Think about:

1) What you have enjoyed.

2) What you have learnt.

3) How you have built on your skills.

4) If you would recommend this trip to Year 2.


I look forward to reading them!







12 thoughts on “3S’ Trip to Conkers!

  1. 1) I enjoyed the orinteering game it was so fun
    2)I have billed up on my orinteering skills
    3)because I didn’t know what it was at first but now I do
    4)I would recommend this to year 2 because they would enjoy it so much !
    I loved it so so so much it was amazing !

  2. Conker’s Trip:)
    I enjoyed finding letters to make the word
    I learnt how to orientate and search for hidden letters in conkers.
    I have developed my thinking at searching skills.
    I would recommend this trip to year 2.
    This trip is all about nature.

  3. I had funnnnnn and I like rowing bear foot walk and the chalenge was so hard but finaly we finish the chalenge on Monday we had a prize for being good☺️

  4. Best trip ever
    The bear foot walk was amazing we enjoyed our time there the water was freezing!!!!!!!!!!also when I stamped in the mud it was lushy!everyone eeach other each other out I liked the bear foot walk IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!.

    When we went on the train it was lovely we saw buetiful trees also the lovely green lush grass the train looked colurful and nice.
    we loved the park in conkers i loved the rope swiging ride we faced our fears tameen was shouting!!!

  5. conkers
    the pictures and the trip was amazing I enjoyed the many activities.
    I have even enjoyed finding the hidden codes and looking at the map to find them.

    I have learnt lots.
    I have learnt using the map to find the codes, finding the different and spot things, finding the word in the end.

    I have built on my skills by going in the cold water, spotting and finding codes

    I would recommend this trip to Year 2 because it is fun and amazing.

    my favourite part was doing the bear foot walk and going in the mud part, when we went on the zipwire and Miss Bhandal pushed it, finding the codes on the map and write the codes down

  6. Conkers Trip:

    I enjoyed the many activities such as walking on a water path, looking at ducks, orientating and sliding across the swing to the other side.

    I learnt how to orientate, and find the different letters hid around Conkers. We used a map to locate the different letters that helped use spell a word. it was called Water vole.

    I have developed and increased my skills in communication, problem solving and reading maps. we had to use them a lot this helped use complete some of the activities.

    Yes I would recommend this trip to year 2.

  7. What a great recount. Well done staff, children and parents you have ensured children will remember this day for a very long time. What a fun day!

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