3W English home learning – Monday 18th May

This week we are going to be writing a non- chronological report. This is a piece of non-fiction work that is not in date order.

We are going to use different subheadings each day to collect facts about Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.

Today you are going to use these photos to write a paragraph about Cleopatras appearance.

By using these pictures, can you describe Cleopatra’s appearance?

What does she look like? Her hair, her face, her head dress. What about what she wears?

Using full sentences and adjectives create your first paragraph about Cleopatra’s Appearance.

40 thoughts on “3W English home learning – Monday 18th May

  1. Cleopatra was beautiful Ancient Egyptian was beautiful black hair.
    She had a oval shape face.
    She had a beautiful drak eyes.
    She had a cute mouth.
    She look handsome.

  2. Cleopatra was a beautiful pharaoh with dark round eyes and black shoulder length hair. She also had full pink lips and a long hooked nose. Her face was oval-shaped and she was slim. Cleopatra also wore jewellery that was decorated with diamonds.

  3. Cleopatra was a ancient queen charcoal or lead for her eyebrows.
    She also may have used berry juice for her lips.
    She might have crushed herbs to make her green eyeshadow.

  4. Cleopatra was an beautiful Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.
    She had a pointed sharp nose with almond shape brown eyes.
    She had full lips with a oval shape face.
    She was a very attractive elegant lady.
    She was very slim,dressed very classy.
    She had a long neck and wore jewels on her body.

  5. Cleopatra was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt.She was born in 69 BC, Alexandria, Egypt and died in August 30 BC. Cleopatra had oval face with big round eyes. she had long hooked nose with a wide chin and curved lips. She has got long beautiful black hair. Her appearance look Elegant and Attractive .She looks young and beautiful .

  6. Cleopatra is an elegant and nice pharaoh who is the most important and powerful person in her country.Her face is shaped like a oval with perfect make up. She got shiny, beautiful and shoulder-length hair. She also has an amazing crown on her head which has a face of a snake.Cleopatra is a wealth and fair woman.Her clothes are astoundingly gorgeous with a long cape.

  7. Cleopatra was a pharaoh who looked elegant and beautiful. She has smart hair and an oval shaped face. She looks very young and is wearing lots of pretty jewellery. She seems happy in the pictures.

  8. cleoptrapta
    She was an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh she has big eys she has lot of jewley on her head she has pilot and ancient her nose is staight and long nose .

    • A good start Haaris. Can you write a sentence that describes her clothes? Make sure your sentence includes capital letters, full stops and an adjective.

  9. Cleopatra is a beautiful , Ancient Egyptian. She has a nice crown which has a snake on it. She also has some golden clips on her gorgeous short hair. Cleopatra has sharp eyes with a touch of light golden eye shadow. her crown is decorated with some shiny red jewels. Cleo has some pink lipstick.

  10. Cloepatra was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh.She has Bright big eyes.She has a lot of jewlery on her head.She is populur and ancient.Her nose is straight and long nose. her hair is long and super dark.

    • Well done, I can really picture her from your description. Please make sure you use Capital letters and spaces after full stops. Can you give me another adjective for long?

    • cleoptrapta
      She was an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh she has big eys she has lot of jewley on her head she has pilot and ancient her nose is staight and long nose .

  11. Cleopatra
    She was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who was gorgeous and beautiful. Cleopatra had an oval shaped face with big and bright eyes. She had a pointed nose and pretty curved lips. Cleopatra was tall and smart lady with long beaded hair.
    She wore long dresses with beautiful jewellery around her neck and ears. She also wore a distinct head scarf which had a face of a snake.

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