3W English home learning – Thursday 21st May

So we have complete appearance, diet and habitat paragraghs all about Cleopatra.

Today I want you to publish a report using all the information you have on Cleopatra. You can look back at the blogs to get your paragraphs and improve them and create a fantastic non-fiction report.

Log in to Purple Mash and complete the Cleopatra information text.

If you cant complete it on purple mash please complete it on paper and email us a photo.

You can add pictures and for bonus points you can even add some fascinating facts that do not fit under the 3 subheadings I have given you.

I cant wait to see them all and we can put some of the work onto our superstar blogs.

23 thoughts on “3W English home learning – Thursday 21st May

    • I have had a look on purple mash Leon and can see 2 sentences. Please write your 3 paragraphs that you’ve wrote over last 3 days in your non-chronological report. I will check back later.

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