Y3 English home learning – Wednesday 10th June

Today we will be making progress by making inferences from a text.

What is an inference?

An inference is looking at the clues in a text and coming to a conclusion about what is happening/what it means. When you INFER you are making sensible guesses about what might be happening in the story.

Let’s look at some examples… Just talk about these (you don’t have to write the answers but think about them or talk to your adults about them)

This one doesn’t say what game she is playing but we all know. That is using our inference skills. What about this one.

Again, the text doesn’t state where they are but there is lots of clues.

  • Towns look small
  • See for miles
  • Loud engine
  • There is an aisle down the middle

They are on a plane… but it doesnt say that.

Now its you turn. Look at this picture…

Answer these questions in full sentences using some inferences.

  • Where does the tunnel go?
  • What is the source of light?
  • Will the rabbit go through?
  • Has it been through before?
  • How did it find out about the tunnel?

111 thoughts on “Y3 English home learning – Wednesday 10th June

  1. The tunnel leads to a garden
    The shiny garden light was provided by the sun
    It remembers it a long time ago
    The beam of light made the bunny look at the tunnel and go through

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