4 Blue Book week – Stuck

You have worked really hard and have produced some great pieces of work. If you keep up this fantastic work, you will be able to achieve anything. Well done, 4 Blue!

Here is a journey of our learning in book week for the first 3 days. Hope you enjoy it!

Please write down all of the things that you have enjoyed and learnt during the week so far! 

Keep navigating the seas to gain!


7 thoughts on “4 Blue Book week – Stuck

  1. Book week was so much fun. Well done 4Blue for working so hard. You were amazing at remembering the instructions and actions that we practised. Well done everyone.

  2. Mr Patel and Mrs Khan, take a bow. The work so far this week has been excellent. Lots of breadth, excitement and talking! Cannot wait to see how it ends.

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