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  1. Hold that paint brush correctly Miss Redhead. Remember there should be no paint on the silver part! You need to treat the bristles with care and ensure they don’t split. Can’t wait to see these masterpieces.
    Thank you for telling me about these mountains, knew very little about them.

  2. The carapion mountains although not as high as the alps,the carapion mountains extend over 600 miles per hour of climbing. in Romania ,it is in the shape of an arch.They are divided into three major ranges:the eastern range (oriental)
    Carpathians the south eastern carpathians .(also known as the translevanian alps)
    And the western carpathians.The inner western carpathians are lower and more broken.The printable of the mountain groups are the solvakore mountains.They are more than 250 million years old.
    But today marks them turning 251 million years old.

  3. Some mountains has grass on them. Some Mountain are all the away from the sky.
    Some mountain has flowers. And mountain are small. Some mountain is safe to climb up. Mountain are sometime very rocky. Some mountains has some point at the top. Some Mountains has big holes on the top.

  4. The Carpathian Mountain forms 1500km.
    The Tatar range between Slovakia and Poland has several peaks above 2400 meters.
    More than half of the Carpathian lies in Romania.

  5. Facts.

    1) The mountain is located in Ramania.
    2) The Carpathian mountain is 2,655m.
    3) The rocks in the buildings are over 250 million years old.
    By yumna and Sarah .

  6. Due to it’s varicella and climate Romania has a diverse flora and fauna.
    Although not as high as the Alps.
    Romania is not always so so so sunny.

  7. We had fin to scketch the Romania Martin
    the Mantid was felled hod to grow .
    in Romania is hot.
    The mountains are very high in.
    bey”Eduard Jay & Ikram and Chloe.

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