4 Blue Aspirations

In 4 Blue, we have been talking about what inspires us and what and we would like to gain in year 4. Can you answer these key questions:-

  1. What would you like to achieve in year 4?
  2. How will you achieve this?
  3. Who is going to help you?
  4. What can you do at home to help you achieve this?


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  1. Eventhough I get ten out of ten in my spellings every week, I would also like to improve in mental maths because My scores used to be getting higher but now my scores are improving a little bit ,but I normally get 9/15. So I normally get nine out of fifteen. So I will always try my hardest to get this right

  2. I’m so scared to go in to 4 blue but i will make new friends and begin a new start .
    I am also sad because my friends are in a different class their in 4 red and I’m in 4 blue. I don’t know any body else in my classroom that will be with me.

  3. When I am in year four,I would like to get ten out of ten every week on my spelling test.i could practice with my mum,dad and teacher.If I follow certain spelling rules then I can practice them mentally.

  4. When I am in year 4/would like to get better at swimming.I will do this by listening to instructions and practising on my back a lot

  5. When I’m in year 4 ,I would like to become good at my spellings.
    I will do this by practiceing my spellings every day and Night at home and in The morning before school I will ask my parents and teachers to test me during the week

  6. When I am in year 4,I would like to improve on my times tables.For me to do this,I need to practice at home.It helps because I will now know my 12x tables.Also,I will try to make sure that I make my numbers neat.

  7. When I am in year 4, I would like to improve my art work.For me to do this, I need to practice at a home.I will practice at school and this will help me make my art better.

  8. When I am in year 4,I would like to became better ‘ at my reading.I will get better by reading at home 4 or 5 times with an adult.I will need to answer questions with an adult during reading.

  9. When I am in year 4 , I would like to be a better swimmer.To do this I am going to go to the AT7 centre to practice swimming every week.I am going to do this so by the end of year 4 I will be able to swim without an armband or float.In school I will ask my teachers to support me to float without any equipment

  10. When I am in year 4,I would like to improve on the hard challenges that come to me,like times tables.For me to do this I should practice ,use the the laptop more often✖️📝

  11. When I’m in year4 I would not like to go on the traffic lights because it’s a new beginning.to do this I will not shout out and set myself challenges to not talk.the teachers will help me by setting me challenges to not talk for an amount of time.