4 Blue investigate Morse Code

We have been learning about WWII in topic and have learnt they communicated important messages via Morse Code. 

We applied this learning to Science and Design Technology. We explored creating circuits and made our own torches to put them on. We then used our own torches to send Morse Code messages.

We first had to learn Morse Code and be able to understand and decode messages.

Can you identify some of our messages?

12 thoughts on “4 Blue investigate Morse Code

  1. Wow this is amazing! It seems your learning journey for Topic this term has been fun and I am sure you have all gained a lot. Can’t wait to try this with Marvin and Caleb. Well done everyone!

  2. This morse code was very complicated but we completed it.
    It can be used for help in the World War Two , in the dark, people use it to say I am hungry , sos and help me.

  3. I enjoyed making these torches and doing morse code. At first it was hard but then it got easy and easier.

    Can anyone guess this

    By Marvin,Andrew and Yumna

  4. Doing Morse code was so fun! Most of our messages were easy but some were long too!
    Can you crack our Morse code messages?-

    .. .-.. – – – …- . -.-. .- – …
    By Chloe

    By Mandy and Riqbah

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