19 thoughts on “4 Blue Music Mood Boards

  1. I learned that music was very important during WWII because it gave hope and happiness.

    Dark colours represent a sad emotion whereas bright colours represent happy emotions.

  2. When I was painting these mood boards I learned that on the angry mood board we used dark colours to paint them but when we made the happy mood boards we used brighter colours.

  3. 1. I learned that there was 2 types of mood boards.
    2. The bright one showed happiness and the other one showed sadness.

    I liked the happy mood board because it was colourful and bright.

  4. I learnt in world war 2 British people listened to music to calm them down

    The first mood colour showed negative and the second mood colour showed positive

  5. 1.l learned about how many times there are of a mood board
    2. One showed happiness and the other showed sadness.

    I liked making the sad one because it was dull coulours and I could mix them together and sticking the pictures on wherever I wanted.

  6. 1)I learnt that music would cheer people up because of the war and it was very important to them.
    2) The two different moods are happy and upset mood.

  7. 1. They where not happy all the time but after they had herd the music they will cheer up and be happy.

    2. when it is dark it means you are up set but on the other side we there are light colours you are full of happy – ness.

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