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4 Blue – plastic in the ocean simulation

This week we have been finding out about the effect of plastic in the journey of a rain drop. We have found out all about how harmful plastic in the ocean can be.

We put the floats in the swimming pool and pretended they were plastic.

If you were a fish how would this impact your life?

How would you feel?

5 thoughts on “4 Blue – plastic in the ocean simulation

  1. 1) If I was a fish it will impact me because if the litter is there I would be killed or maybe hurt.
    2) I would feel angry. Because I would die.

  2. If I were a fish I would not like this because we could be in serious danger and also close to being extinct . I would feel really hurt because we are dying because of plastic going into four ocean and we don’t harm people outside the ocean

  3. If I were a fish this would impact me by killing we or getting myself hurt because fish ,whales and other types of sea creatures mistake plastic as food and then they die.
    I would feel shocked because before I would have been living a happier life if I hadn’t been eating plastic.

  4. What a fantastic simulation Miss Redhead! I’m looking forward to reading the comments, to see what 4Blue thought of the obstacles.

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