4 Blue SOLE

Children were given the problem – which shapes make the most secure structures.

They practically explored and did some research. Read their conclusions in the comments below.

10 responses to “4 Blue SOLE”

  1. Riqbah Z.

    I really liked what the sole group did and I think that they did really good on it

  2. Hanif I.

    I think this is good because all the children was Doing good job

  3. Sarah T.

    In my opinion the rectangles, Triangles And squares were the strongest because it was tough

  4. Chloe J.

    I think the strongest shapes were squares because many buildings are squares and they are strong.

  5. Hanif I.

    I think you did a good job well done 👍🏾👌🏽

  6. Samantha N.

    Well done guys a good start

  7. Aiva G.

    I think they done a great job well done

  8. Lexi S.

    Today I looked at which shapes were the strongest and throughout research we found out that squares and triangles were the strongest shapes and when combined they make a square based pyramid and since that is 3D the 2 strongest 2-dimensional shaped can make the ultimate 3D shape .And I looked at the landmark Big Ben and the main shapes are some 2D and some 3D and Big Ben has circles and rectangles and that’s just 2d shapes but there are pyramids and cuboids for the body.

  9. Yumna M.

    What shapes were the strongest

    When I did some research about which shapes are the strongest it came up with squares and rectangles. When I made a square it wasn’t strong at first but then I put an x in the middle and surprisingly it was strong.

    When I made a circle it wasn’t really strong and to make the shape was hard. When I felt it wasn’t strong so then I taped it and it was a little better. A few shapes were strong and some weren’t.

    I experimented a shape with straws and tape ssnd taped it once at the top and it wasn’t strong. This many it could of broke.

    In my opinion the shapes that were actually the strongest were the square and rectangule as it said online.


  10. Imran N.

    What Shapes Were The Strongest?

    In my opinion the rectangles, Triangles And Squares were the strongest because it was tough. I was making the landmark Pyramid Of Giza the shapes inside a Pyramid are Triangles And a square and it made the pyramid more stronger and sturdy.

    The Shapes I personally think was the strongest were triangles, squares and rectangles.


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