4 Blue timetable and Zooms Spring 2 Week 1

Hope you have all had a wonderful week off and are feeling rested and ready to learn! Use this blog to help plan you week.


*You are expected to respond to 3 or more blogs each day.

*You MUST do the blogs with * in the title (English, Maths)

*Please attend daily registration at 9:15am over zoom.

*Ensure you join a weekly feedback Zoom with Mrs Street or Mrs Elkin.(See groupings below.)

Weekly Timetable

Zoom links

Registration Zoom every morning at 9:15am

Registration Zoom

Drop in session Monday-Thursday 11.30am


Monday’s phonics

Phonics zoom

10am- Mrs Sanders’ group

(Rishi, Mehar, Shuqraan)  

10:30am-Miss Bhangu’s group

(Samanta and Moosa)

Mrs Street’s English group- Wednesday and Thursday 10am

Mrs Street’s English group zoom

(Shuqraan and Mehar)

Mrs Khan’s group- Wednesday and Thursday 11am

(Sadiq, Abdulasiis, Jaydon, Suraiyah, Samanta, Abdurrahman)

Mrs Khan’s Maths zoom


Mrs Elkin’s zoom link:

10 am group:


11am group:


Password: The country we studied in Autumn 1, with a capital letter.

Mrs Street Zoom link:

Group C


Group D


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  1. Miss street Can you help me I am I did my work today when we did the zoom calls but why are you uploading can you help me what is this is when you upload it is it miss phiilpots or is it Yors

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