4 Blue transiting to 5 White- Gallery

Hi 4 Blue,

We have received fantastic work from you. It was wonderful meeting you virtually. Looking forward to seeing you in September! Mr Kane and I would like to showcase some of your aspirational work from our transit day. We had a lovely day speaking to you Zoom!
Below is your gallery….. Please comment and tell us what you enjoyed about your transition day. We are so excited to get to know you better and teaching you in September!

2 thoughts on “4 Blue transiting to 5 White- Gallery

  1. My favourite part was seeing my new teachers and how lovely and kind they are.
    You both are wonderful teachers

    Looking forward to be working with Mr Kane and Miss Habib.

    I already now Miss Habib because last time Miss Habib was in my brothers class now so I’m with you in September. My brother is in secondary school ” finham park school” so today he has a aqua water park trip so he will come home at 6:00 so then he has more time playing with his friends.

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