4 Blue’s Drama

This morning in 4 Blue we looked at some images from a story we will be studying. Miss Redhead did not tell the children the title or anything about the story. Children used their inference skills to suggest a title as well as sequencing the story using still images. Children could only talk when Miss Redhead touched their shoulder to explain their roles. Children then used prediction skills to share what they thought the story would be about.

Children, can you share your thoughts on the work we did this morning? What were your amazing ideas?

3 thoughts on “4 Blue’s Drama

    • I thought the title of the story was Jungle Adventure.
      I thought the story was about a man chopping down a tree, then he goes asleep, then a snake bites him, then he runs away, then he sees the animals and then he realises he ruins the environment.

  1. I thought that the name for this story was jungle man because he was living in the jungle with all of the animals like Monkeys and others

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