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4 Blue’s Literacy Work

This Week, the children have been analysing newspaper reports and in this lesson they were identifying facts and opinions.

Watch the video to see how well they did, and answer the questions in the video to prove how much you learnt.

10 thoughts on “4 Blue’s Literacy Work

  1. a fact is a interesting fact like “star wars is a good movie”

    options are some one who said but disagree with your idea like
    ” star wars was a good movie

  2. Literacy Homework:

    What is a fact?
    A fact is something that is known or proven to be true.
    The world is not flat.

    What is an opinion?
    An opinion is something that a person individually thinks.
    Star Wars is the best film ever made.

  3. – A Fact is something that is proven true at a moment of time. For example, water becomes solid ice at 0 degree Celsius.

    – An Opinion is something that somebody thinks. For example, Star Wars is one of the best film ever made.

  4. 1. A fact is someone like giving you information about it sometimes i can be a lie

    2. An opinion is someones idea but isn’t necessarily true

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